Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Three Unknown DAWES Women

There are three DAWES daughters of Thomas "the labourer" and Elizabeth for which no further information is known.

Susannah is the first b. 1807 in Hadlow, Kent. She doesn't turn up in any census records under Dawes although by 1841 she would have been 34 and likely married. There is no death registration for her either but that didn't start until 1837 so again a lot could have happened in the thirty years between 1807 and 1837. The next order of business is to search for burial records in Hadlow, East Peckham and Uckfield.

Mary was born in East Peckham, Kent in 1819 according to the parish church baptisms held a the Centre for Kentish Studies in Maidstone. No further information is known about her as she doesn't turn up in any census records or civil registrations.

The final unknown is Harriett b. 1829 Uckfield, Sussex which is 8 years after her brother George. Harriett is the only child to be born in Uckfield and would make her mother, Elizabeth, 46 years old at the time. Therefore, it is possible that Harriett is the child of another DAWES family or one of their children although my source for her birth is her baptism on 01 March 1829 to Thomas DAW (labourer) and Elizabeth at Holy Cross Church, Uckfield. It is also possible that she was born before 1829 and only baptised after the family settled in Uckfield. In the 1841 census, Harriett is shown living with the family of her older brother Thomas "the bricklayer" while her parents were living with her oldest brother William. By 1851, she is an under-kitchenmaid in service in the village of Glynde near Lewes.

The civil death registrations have a death for a Harriett Dawes in Hailsham in 1853. This is a case where her death certificate needs to be ordered to confirm her parents.

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