Thursday, August 6, 2009

The GURR Family

William and Elizabeth Dawes' oldest child Elizabeth (1828-1883) married George GURR (1831-1896) in 1850 in Uckfield. They had a family of 6 children several of which lived into the twentieth century.
George's death is still in question as the only match in the GRO index that makes any sense is an 1896 one in Sevenoaks, Kent where the George GURR who died is 68 putting his birth year 1828 vs. 1831 as indicated by the census returns.
Sons William and George produced a total of thirteen new Gurrs while Sarah Ann married George BILLINGS adding a new surname to the mix with their 7 children.
In the chart to the left you'll see some codes which are explained at the front of this blog but basically © followed by a year means that I have found the individual in the associated census. GRO is followed by the GRO Index reference to order the associated registration certificate.

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