Thursday, March 3, 2016

UPDATE - Gladys Kathleen (DAWES) HOWARTH

In my first post about Gladys (view here) I was confused by the name HOWARTH on her death certificate and the fact that no Maiden name was shown.  She was listed as Gladys Kathleen HOWARTH "otherwise" Gladys Kathleen DAWES.  So what was it, was she married or not?

I recently checked the 1939 Register for her and she is found married to Fred HOWARTH and living at 77 Stanley Avenue, Portslade, the same address found on her death certificate 40 years later.

Both she and Fred are shown as married and we know it's the right Kathleen because her mother is living with her.  Mary Jane (WRIGHT) DAWES was estranged from her husband Ernest and I always wondered what happened to her so now we know.  Ernest is found on the 1939 Register living at 60 Amherst Crescent, Hove with Sarah GASPER a widow aged 76.  Who is she and what role does she play in this puzzle?

77 Stanley Avenue is not the house Gladys inherited from her Grandfather Thomas, in 1925, which was 92 Chester Terrace, Brighton.

I have not been able to find a marriage between Fred and Gladys but I will keep looking.  There is obviously more to this story.

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