Thursday, June 11, 2015

New DAWES Developments

Two Things:

1st - I am having my Y-DNA tested by Family Tree DNA to see if the DAWES family came from Germany.  Apparently, the name started as DOSS and was anglicized to DAWES.  There is a DOSS/DAWES project on FTDNA so I should be able to see which migration pattern our family followed.  Now, I just watch the mail for my kit to arrive so stay tuned.

2nd - I am writing a book on Saturation Analysis for Genealogy.  This is where you identify all possible sources of records for surnames in a geographic location.  I am using DAWES and all its permutations in Sussex, England for my test study.  I am creating as many husband and wife groups as I can from the Parish Registers, General Register Office indexes, census returns, poor law records and many more.  Each family group is given a unique number and entered into a spreadsheet.  When I have finished recording all families that I can find I am going to enter them into a genealogy program and start linking the families together.  I am hoping that when I have finished I will have a detailed map of where the DAWES' lived in Sussex and then I'll follow the migration patterns into the adjacent counties.

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