Monday, January 16, 2012

WHITEBREAD Family Ancestors

In my last post I speculated on the ancestry of Thomas DAW (the labourer). We know that he was born and died in Uckfield but spent part of his life in Kent where he married Elizabeth WHITEBREAD in 1804. I have done a little work on Elizabeth's ancestry to try and take her back as far as possible but there is little information available other than on the LDS IGI records.

Some new surnames have popped up to be added to the family collection including BARTON, MARTIN, CROWHERST, VANE and DAY.

Here is a chart of her ancestry:

I tried to find deaths for all that are missing on the National Burial Index without success. I presumed that Elizabeth's mother, Sarah, might have re-married since she was only 47 when Henry died but again there are no records of her marrying. She also might have died before Henry.

Some new parishes have also turned up but I believe that they have merit because they are close to Hadlow. These are Marden and West Farleigh. So until further research can be done I am going to assume that these are Elizabeth's ancestors.

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