Monday, May 24, 2010

First Generation Completed

When I started this blog in 2009, there were a lot of blanks in the first generation. Thanks to the GRO raising its price for vital registration certificates in April of 2010, I got to work filling in the blanks. The original first generation blog is available here.
At left, is a new chart with the results of my latest research. I apologize for its fuzziness but I had to rotate it twice to capture it as one image and it loses something in the process. You can view it in a larger format by double clicking it.
The big news is:
(1) Solving Jane Ann's death date of 06 Apr 1872 Hellingly. Although her death was registered as Jane Ann BENNETT she never married either William Cooke or John BENNETT as her first husband, Thomas CHATFIELD, was transported to Van Dieman's Land in 1832.
(2) Finding a marriage for Susannah on 10 Sep 1836 to Leonard PAGE in Glynde.
Once I had her married name, I also found her death on 02 Jul 1885 also in Glynde.
(3) Finding a death date for Sarah on 21 Apr 1864 in Uckfield.
(4) Confirming the marriage of Frances to Henry HEMSLEY on 18 Oct 1840 in Uckfield. I also got her full death date of 22 Jan 1892 in Uckfield.
(5) Confirming the marriage of Elizabeth to Henry MITCHELL on 28 Jun 1846 in Glynde. I also got her full death date of 27 Aug 1879 in Glynde.
(6) Finding a death date for Mary on 04 Dec 1875 in Uckfield.
(7) Finding a first marriage for George to Sarah PECKHAM on 01 Dec 1844 in Uckfield. Unfortunately, Sarah died in 1845. I also got the marriage date for George's second marriage to Esther COTTINGTON on 18 Feb 1840 in Uckfield.
(8) Finding a marriage for Harriett to John TAYLOR on 17 May 1856 in Glynde. I also got her death date of 31 Dec 1892 in Beddingham. This one was a real find because Harriett's marriage proved her father as Thomas DAWES - Labourer and she and John had 6 children carrying on into the twentieth century so some new cousins may turn up.
If anyone researching this DAWES family is interested in copies of any of these certificates, send me an email.

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