Friday, April 2, 2010

TAYLOR Family Update

How did I spend my Good Friday?

Sorting out the missing members of the TAYLOR Family, Eliza b. 1860, Mary A b. 1862 and Harriett b. 1864.

Eliza married Thomas Edwin PAYNE in 1881 after the census but died in 1887 so she never showed up with her married name. Between 1881 and 1887 she had 4 sons the last born just before her death at age 27. Her sister Harriett, shows up in 1891 and again in 1901 living with Thomas PAYNE and his sons as their housekeeper but is missing in 1911 and I couldn't find a marriage or death to explain her absence. She was difficult to trace because her name was spelled "Harriot" and her birth location shown as Lewes rather than Glynde.

Mary A married Henry GEARING also in 1881 and had two sons.

Here is a chart of their family details.

I haven't been able to find any conclusive marriages for the PAYNE boys after 1901. A couple have death dates that match their full names and age at death.
More research on this group will have to wait however, all the children of Harriett DAWES and John TAYLOR are now accounted for.

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