Friday, March 5, 2010

Public Record Office in UK Increases Fees

This has nothing to do with my DAWES genealogy but it may be of interest to those of you who are following my blog.

The UK Public Record Office will be increasing the fee for birth, marriage and death certificates as of April 6, 2010. See their website for the full announcement.

The chart outlines the charges for standard online orders. While they complain that there hasn't been an increase for several years, a 32% hike in fees is nothing short of gouging. Especially, when you realize that they could still eke some saving out of other means. For example, they recently started sending folded certificates in normal business envelopes at a significant postage saving. Why not include several certificates in the same envelope? Most of us order several at a time and I've always wondered why they were posted separately.
At current Canadian dollar exchange rates (about $1.55), the certificates are a bargain at C$10.85 compared to a few years ago when they cost over C$15. However, compared to ScotlandsPeople where a certificate costs about £1 or C$1.55 for the same or more information, this is terrible. And, the certificate from ScotlandsPeople is delivered immediately over the internet. What happened to all of the PRO initiatives to automate certificate delivery?
Consequently, I am ordering all the missing certificates for my direct family lines before the end of March.

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