Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gladys Kathleen DAWES or HORWATH

In the words broadcast from Apollo Thirteen "Houston we have a problem!"

I received the death certificate for Gladys Kathleen DAWES (1897-1979) and it opens up more questions than it answers. The earlier post on Gladys is available here.

It appears that Gladys died as the result of some sort or accident or unfortunate circumstance.

If I read it right, she died of an asthma attack brought on by an allergic reaction to an anesthetic which was administered at the Royal Sussex Hospital because Gladys had a fractured femur or broken hip. There was a coroner's inquest on 20th November 1979 and the last entry under the multiple causes of death is the word "misadventure." Was the misadventure the reason for the broken hip or the hospital's excuse for her accidental death?

Next we have her name which is shown as Gladys Kathleen HORWATH. Gladys never married and her death is indexed as DAWES but here her name is shown as HORWATH otherwise DAWES. I do know that she was a piano teacher and some kind of performer with a stage name of Kathleen YORK-PALMER. This is what Reg BARNES recounted about her in his memories.

Her parents, Ernest DAWES (1866-1948) and Mary Jane WRIGHT (1865-1941), were estranged at the time of their deaths but I don't believe that they ever got divorced. In Mary Jane's will, she expressed concern that Gladys wouldn't inherit her proper legacy from her father although Gladys was the only grandchild of "Thomas the Builder" to inherit one of his houses in 1925.

Was HORWATH another stage name? Would a 1979 coroner's inquest have been published in the papers? Where are inquest documents archived? Asthma and allergies certainly do follow the LANGRIDGE / DAWES family lines right down to my father's family and me.

Any assistance with this dilemma will be greatly appreciated.

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