Thursday, January 14, 2010

The PANNETT Family (Updated)

Through a contact I made on GenesReunited [] I have been able to add more detail to the PANNETT Family which was originally blogged here. To re-cap, Harriet(t) DAWES was the oldest child of George DAWES (1821-1869) and Esther COTTINGTON (1831-1863). Esther died when Harriet was 13. Father George quickly re-married the recent widow of his nephew, Sophia (DAWES) SANTER (1831-1914).

Harriett married George PANNETT (1849-1899) in Lewes 1870 and had eight children with him.

I am in touch with cousins in the UK who remember a couple of PANNETT sisters coming to visit in Uckfield. They were Emily (1873-1959) and Hephzibah (1887-1967).

This chart updates the PANNETT ancestry back to John PANNETT (1828-1906) and Maria RHODES (1828-1869).

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