Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another DAWS Family in Uckfield

Looking at the 1841 census for Uckfield there are 27 people with the DAW/DAWS surname.

These can be broken down into 4 family groups as follows:

Family Group 1 living at Church St
Thomas DAWS (70) - Thomas the labourer
Elizabeth DAWS (60)
Sarah DAWS (25)
George DAWS (15)
Eiza DAWS (1) - probably the daughter of Sarah

Family Group 2 living at Church St
William DAWS (35) - son of Thomas Family #1
Elizabeth DAWS (35)
Elizabeth DAWS (12)
Henry DAWS (10)
Catharine DAWS (8)
Charlotte DAWS (3)
Daniel DAWS (2 months)

FAMILY Group 3 living at North Entrance
Thomas DAW (25) - Thomas the bricklayer son of Thomas Family #1
Ann DAW (25)
Joseph DAW (5)
Lucy DAW (4)
Thomas DAW (1) - Thomas the builder
Elizabeth DAW (25) daughter of Thomas Family #1
Harriet DAW (12) daughter of Thomas Family #1
Oliver DAW (2) son of Elizabeth

That accounts for 20 people of my DAWS family what about the others?

FAMILY Group 4 living at Church St
Thomas DAW (44) Horsekeeper
Hannah DAW (36)
Harriett (16)
Edward (10)
William (8)
John (5)
Alfred (2)

The image of this family is shown at the right.

Who are these people?

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  1. Hi, I am decended from Alfred Daws, born 1839 in Uckfield, son of Thomas Daws and Hannah (Parker).
    Strangely he is on the 1841 Census above aged 2, but on the 1851 census just he and sister Harriet appear living with Grandmother Ann.
    Very excited to find your site.
    Angela Hudson