Sunday, October 25, 2009

The George (1) DAWES Line (Expanded)

George DAWES (1821-1869) married twice, first to Esther COTTINGTON (1831-1863) and second to Sophia SANTER (1831-1914). The original post on George (1) is available here.

Sophia's lineage is cloudy but her parents are believed to be Stephen SANTER and Judith BUSBRIDGE who were married 30 Nov 1812 in Benenden, Kent.

Sophia was the widow of George's nephew, Henry DAWES, so there are many more children in this extended family than shown here.

The chart shows the two children that Sophia had with George, Eliza Emily (1865-1944) for whom more information is available in a previous blog, and Charles William (1868-1927). Charles and his wife, Janet Mary STREETER (1872-1949) AKA Jeanette had six children of which I will look at over the next few blogs which will include their wedding photos.

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