Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Walter DAWES Family

Thomas DAWES (1840-1925) and Sarah BOXALL (1841-1890) were married 10 July 1864 at St. Nicholas Church, Brighton. Their first child, Walter, was born 16 Sept. 1864 but he wasn't baptised until 5 June 1870 also at St. Nicholas along with his younger brother Ernest and a sister Florence Ellen who was born and died in 1870. I suspect that they were baptising a baby who wasn't expected to survive and did the two boys at the same time.

Walter went on to be a part of Thomas Dawes & Sons and inherited the business on his father's death in 1925. He married Lucy Ann GASTON (1863-1918) in 1887 at the London Road Chapel (Baptist, I believe) and had one child, Walter Thomas, with her in 1889. Lucy died at 55 in 1918 and Walter re-married Edith Mary BINNS (1870-1954) in 1918 so he must have known her before Lucy died.

His only son, Walter Thomas (1889-1940) married Ethel Rose BANKS in 1920 but they had no offspring so the Walter DAWES branch died out in 1940.

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