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The CHATFIELD Family (original post 29 July 2009)

Jane Ann DAWES (1805-1851) married three times, the first to Thomas CHATFIELD (1797-1832). They had three children, William b. 1827, Henry b. 1829 and Alfred b. 1831. Of these, only Henry appears to have married and had a family, quite a large one which continues into the twenty-first century.

Henry was baptised in St. Bartholomew's Church, Maresfield on 09 August 1829 although his actual date of birth is unknown. In 1949 he married Phyllis Ann KENWARD (aka KENNARD) in Lewes and they had nine children as shown in the following charts.

The first chart displays the families of James, Alfred, Harriett and Warden. The second chart displays the family of only Eli who had fifteen children. The third chart covers the families of Harry, Agnes, William and Minnie.

James died young and all the rest married and had families except Agnes who has no children that I have found so far.

Alfred CHATFIELD married Mary Jane STUTOR in Hailsham 1873 and they had seven children.

Harriett CHATFIELD married Robert LANCASTER in Hailsham 1872 and they had six children.

Warden CHATFIELD married Charlotte SMITH in Uckfield 1877 and they had three children.

Eli CHATFIELD married Mary Ann STYLES in Ticehurst 1883 and they had fifteen children all with three letter given names.

Harry CHATFIELD married Elizabeth PLACE in Uckfield 1885 and they had one child.

Agnes CHATFIELD married Thomas STARTUP in Malling, Kent 1891 but I haven't found any children for them.

William CHATFIELD married Mercy SKINNER in Ticehurst 1891 and they had five children.

Minnie CHATFIELD married Albert PALMER in Uckfield 1893 and they had four children.

The photo below is of Leo Styles CHATFIELD and his wife Grace POTTER (Seated) with family members Leo and Ena standing directly behind. I have not identified the young ladies on either side.

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