Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Charles DAWES Line

Charles William DAWES (1968-1927) is the second child born to George DAWES after he re-married Sophia SANTER. Charles married Janet Mary STREETER (1872-1949) in 1899 Newick.

This is the family that branches into the COOPER and MUGRIDGE families through the marriages of Bessie b. 1912 to Frederick Carlisle COOPER (1910-1987) and Dorothy b. 1914 to Herbert William MUGRIDGE (1912-2005). Emmie b. 1906 married but had no children.

Jeanette b. 1900 and Charles b. 1904 never married.

Reginald b. 1910 had three children two of which have famililes of their own and with whom I am in contact. Reginald's wife is still living so is not shown here.

Charles William DAWES (1868-1928)

Charles & Janet with family c 1912

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