Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Albert Henry DAWES Line

Albert Henry "Bert" DAWES (1882-1944) was the last child born to Thomas DAWES and Sarah BOXALL. He was born in Brighton on 16 October 1882 and became a commercial traveler (salesman?) according to the census returns. On 31 Oct. 1903, he married Jesse Elizabeth Ann WYATT (1879-1942) in Preston, Sussex.

Bert and Jesse had two children, Winifred Mabel (1906-1994) and Albert Cyril (1909-1989) both of whom had families with who I am in contact today.

An interesting development in doing the research on this family is that, through GenesReunited, I discovered that Jesse had a younger sister who was raised by her uncle because her mother died shortly after giving birth leaving her father with two young children and a baby. This sister was raised as part of her uncle's family and having the WYATT surname no one was any the wiser about it until now. As a result, a new second cousin to the descendants of Albert and Jesse has been reunited with the family although this has no impact on the other Dawes family members.

(L-R) Albert Henry Dawes and Jesse Elizabeth Ann WYATT

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