Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The William (1) DAWES Line

William DAWES and his wife Elizabeth (surname unknown) had five children. Henry b. 1831 married Sophia SANTER. Henry died in 1864 at age 33 and his widow married his uncle George b. 1821. George was also a widower after his first wife, Esther COTTINGHAM, died in 1863 so between all parents the final family consisted of eight children. Both Catherine and Daniel died young. Elizabeth (1828-1883) married George GURR and started a large family group while Charlotte (1838-1914) married Thomas BARTON and also started a large family group.

The DAWES surname wasn't carried on by any descendants of William. Henry's only child with Sophia before he died was a daughter, Elizabeth (1856-1935) who was in service all her life and never married.

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