Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Rules

PHOTOS: I won't publish photos of living individuals without their permission.

CHARTS: I won't publish names and event dates of living individuals. I have tried to make the charts as clear as possible however, if you have trouble viewing one just click on it for a larger image.

LEGEND: On my charts I use a symbol shorthand to provide source info as follows -
® = I have a copy of the vital registration certificate
» = I found the information on the IGI with a batch number
« = I found the information on the IGI from an ancestral file
¿ = I found the information in a resource like the Sussex Marriage Index
± = I made an assumption about the person, date or place
GRO = With vol., page and dist indicates GRO Index reference
© = Followed by a year indicates I have found the person in that census

TITLES: Family branches that continue will be denoted as "Lines" eg. The Thomas DAWES Line while family branches that end will be denoted as "Family" eg. The GURR Family. If there are more than one with the same given name it will be followed by a number eg. William (1).